About Yanxen

Yanxen is based in the North West of merry old England, currently working on Kitty Galaxies since March 2014. Aside from the title having passed Greenlight in April 2015, Yanxen is also working on a number of experiments to see what direction we may take our next game. We hope you will join us for the ride, and hope to be able to bring you all some awesome games in the coming years.

Current Projects

Kitty Galaxies

Announced in 2014, passed Steam's Greenlight selection process in 2015, and currently being worked on, Kitty Galaxies is a space combat game, with a side helping of action and fun. Take on the Mad Mao space fleet across the galaxies, in a bid to halt an insidious invasion. Come for the explosions, stay for the cats.

Unannounced Secret Project

Why are we even listing this here if it is unannounced? Are we mad? Possibly, possibly ...

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